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Related titles should be described in Rating, while unrelated titles should be moved to Rating disambiguation. A rating is an evaluation or assessment of something, in terms of quality, quantity, or some combination of both. Rating or ratings may also refer to.:
Rated R - Wikipedia.
Rated" R, a song by Ralph Tresvant. Rated" R, a song by Redman. Reality" Is Rated R, a song by d.b.s. on the album If the Music's' Loud Enough. Rated" R" a song by The White Noise and Landon Tewers.
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rated - Wiktionary.
He tooke it up, and thence with him did beare, As rated Spaniell takes his burden up for feare. 1849, Currer Bell pseudonym; Charlotte Brontë Shirley. volume please specify volumeI, II, or III, London: Smith, Elder and Co., He merely passed by sheepishly with a rated, scowling look.
Rated - definition of rated by The Free Dictionary.
To specify the performance limits of, especially according to a standard scale: This fuse is rated at 50 amperes. The fishing line is rated for 30 pounds. To regard or consider as having a certain value: rated the movie excellent; rated him a fine cook.
Motion Picture Association film rating system - Wikipedia.
The same, however, could not be said about the 1995 teen drama Kids, which director Larry Clark wanted rated R so parents could take their kids to it for educational purposes, but the MPAA rated it NC-17 due to its content of teen sex and turned down Clark's' appeal.

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